Summit Hockey Academy Testimonials

Team:  Stockton Heat AHL 

I was a participant in Summit Hockey Academy from the beginning of the program in 2006 when I began Junior High School at West Island College.   I have been very fortunate in my hockey career to have been exposed to many tremendous experiences.  I have played with some terrific players who helped me to obtain various awards and accomplishments along the way but I owe so much of my success Mr. Dougherty and the staff at the Summit Hockey Academy.

You gave me a reason to want to get up early in the morning during the school year. The program you developed complimented every lesson my minor hockey coaches taught me and supplemented every skill, necessary for success in organized hockey. You were always constructive, insightful and genuine. The knowledge base of you and your coaches such as Garnet Kazuik and some of the guests you hosted throughout the various sessions were a tremendous source of information to help me develop as a person and as a hockey player.  Mr. Dougherty and the Summit hockey staff are great hockey resources and tremendous people to be involved with.  

Thank you!

Hunter Shinkaruk

We would like to thank you for all you did for Jake and Dillon.  This is the best program the boys have been involved with (and we’ve been to many!!).  We are so impressed with the improvements on all of their skills and we attribute this to the fact that you don’t accept the saying practice makes perfect…Like us, you realize that practice makes permanent and if you practice it wrong, you will permanently develop bad habits;  the fact that you constantly correct the kids and don’t simply put them through the motions shows what a great skills instructor you are.  We also appreciate how you handle the kids; you have the perfect personality to deal with kids this age.

Paris and Suzy Dube

NHL Player Agent/Summit Hockey Academy Parent

“In my work I have been fortunate to enough to travel and watch developmental hockey programs all over the world. The highly successful programs all have a similar approach, they have patient well-prepared instructors who work on a progression method. This involves many hours of refining and adding skills. Wayne’s program allows young players to build a foundation so that they can continually improve. Nothing can replace substantial time spent practicing in a competitive but supportive environment. There is not enough ice time in community and quadrant hockey these days to acquire many of the skills necessary to make noticeable improvement in a player’s development. No matter what your position, the Summit Academy program will provide the environment a committed player needs to improve.”

JP Barry

From the time joining Summit we could see immediate improvements, not only in Peter’s game but also in his confidence.  Although it meant an extra morning on the ice – on top of a busy schedule with the Buffaloes – it proved to be an excellent complement as it was an environment where Peter could work on his skills without worrying about his performance.    After rejoining Summit, Peter’s game steadily improved, to the point where he earned a more significant role in the Mac’s Midget Tournament (which the Buffaloes went on to win)  One of the coaches even remarked how much his game improved in the last month before the Mac’s (which coincided with his return to Summit).  After the Mac’s, Peter and his D partner had established themselves as the ‘shutdown pair’ and played a key role in the team’s progress all the way to Silver at the Telus Cup (Canadian Midget Championship).

In the end, Peter’s year in midget was both rewarding and memorable, and in my view, Summit was a key part of his success!

Wally Kosterman (Calgary Hitmen WHL)

Both the boys are absolutely loving the program! And I don’t  have any difficulty getting them up in the morning even when we have a late night practice the day before!

Summit Hockey Academy Parent (Midget AAA / Bantam 1)

Our son is beginning to incorporate a lot of the skills that he has learned from Summit in his game. His physical play has improved, especially in battles along the boards, strong on skates, protecting the puck and is working on keeping his head up with the puck when passing and shooting. Lately he has started to show more confidence in his puck carrying and not forcing the puck when passing. He has been going to the outdoor rink quite a bit and has been practicing at home with the stick handling balls.

Thanks again!

Summit Hockey Academy Parent

Thank you for your advice for our son.  He had a much better outing tonight and scored two goals.  The thing that we appreciate about your coaching is that you always seem to address the smallest details which end up making all the difference!

Summit Hockey Academy Parent (Bantam AA)